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Headings for safety labels



The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standardizes safety signage and labels, and is responsible for the designation of particular colors and words for particular types of hazards.  
  Notice labels are the least harsh form of safety signage under the ANSI Z535 regulation, and are characterized by white, italicized font on a blue backing. This signage is appropriate when there is a situation that may be hazardous or there are potentially dangerous materials are in the area. However, this heading should only be posted when personal injury is not likely. Notice signs are often accompanied by custom text detailing the hazard in the area.

  Yellow caution signs are appropriate for hazardous locations where personal injury is a distinct possibility, but death and/or serious injury are unlikely. This signage is accompanied by a triangle with an exclamation point inside, and is stricter than Notice signs. Caution signs may also be employed in areas where hazards are not necessarily permanent.

  If an accident is likely, and death or serious injury is possible, orange warning signs are employed. Warning signs should be used around significant hazards, with information regarding the type of hazard generally below the warning sign (and accompanying triangular exclamation point graphic).

  Danger signs are the most severe type of signage regulated by the ANSI, and should be used only when an accident is extremely likely, and death or serious injury from said accident is almost certain. Danger signs are bright red with white text and are often used in restricted areas. Unless the hazard is extremely severe, and only authorized personnel should be in the area, less severe ANSI signage should be utilized.

Safety Instructions
  Safety instruction signage is the most informative and customizable ANSI Z535 hazard demarcation. These green signs display either safety instructions or safety equipment locations, and are generally placed in locations with large amounts of pedestrian traffic for maximum visibility. These signs are the least severe and the most general, and can be posted without instructions as well, functioning simply as a green “Safety” sign for virtually any type of workplace.